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Committed on Providing the Best Quality Products

Our goal is to not only facilitate responsible recycling but also to promote the empowerment of humanity while preserving the planet. Our strategy for achieving this objective involves employing a meticulous quality management framework and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that allow us to remain focused.

Our success in recycling is attributed to our state-of-the-art plant machinery and advanced methods for processing scrap. We prioritize efficiency, we don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk with our efficient delivery system and on-site employee training. Join us in our mission to make the world a beneficial place.


We are empowering the marginalized tribal communities. With our intervention, we’re honing the skills of talented artisans, as they master the art of material sorting and recycling. Our custom-tailored training and on-the-job skill-building programs have opened doors of opportunity to individuals who were once considered unemployable.

  • Sunland Alloys and Sunland Recycling in Silvassa have helped tribal women get empowered and created new sources of income.
  • Sunland Alloys India in Bhiwadi has helped the local community in Rajasthan with better employment opportunities


We stand resolute in keeping things absolutely green, sustainable and safe! We maintain an unwavering commitment towards promoting environmental sustainability while striving to enhance performance and minimize risks arising from both current and past operations.

In Aluminium Alloy manufacturing, over the years, we have upgraded to top-notch pollution control systems like the use of PNG Gas for melting, Bag House, I.D Fan and Water Scribber systems.

We also lay emphasis on importing best quality scrap and adhering to best practices, thereby helping in reducing operational pollutions.


We have created workplaces with ergonomic precision, implementing methodical approaches, harnessing adaptable tools to forge a working environment free of hazards, and safeguarding the well-being of our workforce.

* Our factory and offices are fitted with efficient fire safety systems like hose reel system

* Our company has a proper organizational structure for delegation and responsibility across various work structures

* We have a modified system software for all our recycling requirements

* We keep track of quarterly skill matrix programs for training and skilling of the workforce



Our Quality Management System is built upon the principles of continuous progress, active engagement with our customers, staying abreast of the latest technological advancements, and prioritizing the well-being of our team members. These values form the foundation of our organization.

We have a rich experience of 40 years in Non-ferrous Metal Industry with Expertise in different non- ferrous metals like copper, nickel, brass, zinc.

Not only have we nailed scrap procurement and processing, but we’re also masters of vendor management, metal chemistry and lab testing. Plus, we’re always cooking up new, exciting alloy blends.

Flawless Precision: Every product undergoes meticulous production and rigorous inspection prior to dispatch, ensuring impeccable quality.

Relentless Advancement: We relentlessly seek fresh avenues to deliver unparalleled value, perpetually refining our offerings for our valued clientele.

Performance Metrics: Our vigilance extends to monitoring key performance indicators encompassing safety, quality cost, freight, and audit performance.