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:: Responsible Recycler

We focus our efforts on responsible recycling by prioritizing empowerment, environment and ergonomics needs, seamlessly integrating them in work driven sequence, developing and then rolling out cross-platform initiatives to advance our claim as responsible recyclers. Binding these values is our quality management system that is so linked to responsible recycling. And the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) regimen we have established adds value to our quality management system.


We are empowering the unlettered tribal of this region who live by farming in the plains during rainy season and twig gathering during summer. We have transformed them into a new workforce adept at material sorting and recycling. Our orientation and in-plant vocational training programs are the specialized services we offer these people who were previously thought to be unemployable. Recycling seems to be a wonderful industry for these sons of the soil because they are comfortable with the repetitive tasks that others find dull and boring.  Their self esteem is really rising and they are becoming more independent.


We operate to high safety and environmental standards. We have clearly stated positions on sustainability and environmental management, in particular a deep commitment to continual improvement in performance and managing risks relating to current and historical operations. To achieve this, we use processes that are acknowledged environmentally friendly practices, which ensure that we manufacture and supply our products without adverse environmental effects.


We are establishing ergonomically correct workplace, applying rigorous and systematic techniques and using flexible aids to ensure a hazard-free and worker-safe environment and to meet a wide range of ergonomic and adaptive technology challenges: integrating ergonomically designed workplaces into manufacturing lines; moving, raising and lowering heavy work objects to the ideal working position; mounting devices and controls for easy access and safety etc.


Continuous improvement, Customer communication, Technological expertise and Employee safety are key components of our Quality Management System. In order to support these policies, we have established the following objectives: