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:: Overview

SUNLAND is a closed loop recycling company producing aluminium alloys using secondary metals as raw material.

Through the years, we have expanded our potential and capabilities transforming ourselves into a modern privately-held business. 

We have our operating unit at Rudhana. This unit provides a network of equipments, facilities, transport and communication that turns metal scrap into alloy ingots for casting.

Our operations encompass substantial workforce with a sound manufacturing system for the overall technical and business directions for the company. Annual production by March 2013 on a proforma basis was more than 30000 metric tons of aluminium, copper and zinc alloys. We have succeeded to hold on the leadership position and our market share further grows at present with the annual turnover standing at INR 5.0 Billion.

We are very proud that our quality management system is registered ISO 9001-2008. Our company is committed and dedicated to ensuring the high quality of its recycled products while preserving a clean and safe environment through careful compliance with all environmental standards.